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The “Pets”

Franco Rossellini’s original idea was to have the selling point be PAUL MORRISSEY. Instead of writing his own script, Paul Morrissey brought his friend Gore Vidal on board and then the selling point became GORE VIDAL. When Paul Morrissey was booted out and the lead actor was hired, the selling point became MALCOLM McDOWELL. When Gore Vidal resigned, the selling point became PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE. And indeed, AFTER filming was well underway, Bob Guccione flew three Penthouse models to Rome to be added to the movie. The problem, of course, was that the casting was complete and there would be nothing for any newcomers to do. But they were added anyway. And then Guccione flew a dozen or so more models to Rome to be added, telling them that they were on their way to be used as background decorations in The Spy Who Loved Me. They were in for a rude awakening. There was even less for the remaining gals to do. From what I have been able to gather from my own observations and from chatting with folks who went to see it, the Penthouse “Pets” were indeed the principal selling point, without which this mutilated and orphaned film would have flopped miserably. So here we go. Here are the images of the selling points.

1. Lori Wagner, Jane Hargrave, Anneka di Lorenzo

2. USUALLY DELETED: Lori Wagner, Anneka di Lorenzo, Jane Hargrave, Unidentified Shepherd, Unidentified Imperial Guards in background

3. Lori Wagner, Jane Hargrave, Anneka di Lorenzo

4. USUALLY DELETED: The full panorama

5. Unidentified

6. Lori Wagner

7. Lori Wagner, Jane Hargrave, Anneka di Lorenzo

8. Anneka di Lorenzo and Lori Wagner

9. Between takes: Unidentified with confused expression sitting on statue of Isis; trio: Anneka di Lorenzo, Lori Wagner, Jane Hargrave

10. Lori Wagner (standing beside Eduardo Bergara Leumann who is dressed in feminine veils)

11. Anneka di Lorenzo

12. Jane Hargrave, Lori Wagner, Anneka di Lorenzo

13. Lori Wagner and Anneka di Lorenzo in one of the notorious “additional scenes” added after production had finished.

14. Bonnie Dee Wilson on far left, Carolyn Patsis in background

15. Anneka di Lorenzo

16. Anneka di Lorenzo and Lori Wagner on the right

17. Lori Wagner

18. Anneka di Lorenzo, Lori Wagner

19. Anneka di Lorenzo, Lori Wagner

20. Lori Wagner, Anneka di Lorenzo

21. Jane Hargrave in blue on the very left, Unidentified in white on the right

22. Jane Hargrave

23. Anneka di Lorenzo

24. DELETED MOMENT: Anneka di Lorenzo, Lori Wagner

25. Carolyn Patsis on very left, Jane Hargrave, Anneka di Lorenzo

26. Bonnie Dee Wilson, Carolyn Patsis, Jane Hargrave, Anneka di Lorenzo, Lori Wagner

27. Unidentified, Bonnie Dee Wilson, Carolyn Patsis, Jane Hargrave, Anneka di Lorenzo, Lori Wagner

28. Bonnie Dee Wilson, Carolyn Patsis, Jane Hargrave

29. Lori Wagner, Unidentified, Unidentified

30. Unidentified, Anneka di Lorenzo, Lori Wagner, Unidentified, Unidentified

31. Lori Wagner

32. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Juliet Morris, Carolyn Patsis

33. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Susanne Saxon, Unidentified

34. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Jane Hargrave

35. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Valerie Rae Clark, Jane Hargrave

36. Anneka di Lorenzo

37. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: I think that’s Bonnie Dee Wilson reclining with her eyes closed on the left, then that’s Jane Hargrave in the upper left, Anneka di Lorenzo in foreground, and no idea about the others

38. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Signe Berger

39. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Carolyn Patsis

40. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Susanne Saxon

41. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Signe Berger, Henrietta Kelogg

42. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Susanne Saxon, Carolyn Patsis

43. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Valerie Rae Clark, Carolyn Patsis

44. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Lori Wagner

45. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Valerie Rae Clark

46. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Valerie Rae Clark

47. Unidentified (possibly not a Penthouse “Pet”)

48. Unidentified (possibly not a Penthouse “Pet”)

49. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Bonnie Dee Wilson

50. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Unidentified with one of the two recurring midgets in the background, lazily waving Caligula’s caduceus back and forth (contrast that with the vigorous dance moves in the authentic portions of the Bordello scene)

51. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Lori Wagner

52. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Valerie Rae Clark foreground at bottom of frame

53. “ADDITIONAL SCENE”: Anneka di Lorenzo

54. Anneka di Lorenzo

55. Lori Wagner in foreground, Bonnie Dee Wilson in background

56. Unidentified on left, Lori Wagner back to camera in foreground, Bonnie Dee Wilson in background

57. Bonnie Dee Wilson, Anneka di Lorenzo, Lori Wagner

58. Carolyn Patsis in background on left, Bonnie Dee Wilson in foreground

59. Anneka di Lorenzo, Unidentified

60. Executive Producer Jack Silverman, Unidentified, Carolyn Patsis (in black), Bonnie Dee Wilson (back to camera), Unidentified (in black jacket), Unidentified (back to camera, with scarf, maybe Alfred W Crown???)

61. Executive Producer Jack Silverman, Unidentified (maybe Alfred W Crown???), Unidentified

62. Bonnie Dee Wilson, Unidentified

63. Unidentified, Carolyn Patsis, Executive Producer Jack Silverman, Unidentified, Presenter Bob Guccione

64. Executive Producer Jack Silverman, Carolyn Patsis, Unidentified, Presenter Bob Guccione

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