Championed by a few, loathed by the many, Caligula is perhaps the most mangled, mutilated, misunderstood movie in cinema history. That’s why we decided to write a book about it. There are several tie-in books already, but they don’t provide any believable background details about how and why the movie came to be made amidst conflict, how and why the movie was so changed afterwards that nobody who made it could recognize it anymore, and how and why it destroyed an Italian production company, making a pauper of its once-respected producer. So that would make for an interesting tale, yes?

We began this book in early 2006, but discarded it in December 2008 when we received several crates of documentation that had allegedly been destroyed. So we started all over again in early 2009. We’ve covered all 42 lawsuits (that number does not include some of the minor censorship cases), and most of them we covered in exhaustive detail. We sometimes suspect there are more that we don’t know about. I did a manual count to find out how many sources we used, and tallied somewhere around 5,000. (And people ask me, “Why is it taking you so long? Do you have writer’s block?” I want to kick them.)

We’ve completed the second draft and are now cross-checking and polishing, a major chore in itself. We shall keep you apprised. In the meantime, why not look at the attractive advertisement that announced the beginning of the filming? As with nearly every contemporary press item about Caligula, it was a lie:

So stroll around through the links below. Not all of them are ready yet. Relax. Have fun.


By the way, if you live in Paris, and if you are fluent in French and can get by in English, we need you! Do you have time on weekdays to visit some archives to do some research? If so, please contact us. We’ve got a nice little project for you, and we’ll pay. Thanks!

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What on Earth Went Wrong? And How? And Why?

Analysis of the Movie

The Multiple Versions

The Mythical
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The Audiences

The “Pets”

The Mysterious Death of Anneka di Lorenzo

Tie-Ins, Promotional Items, and Other Such Phenomena

The Other
Franco Rossellini

The Other

The Writer
Who Disowned
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Gore Vidal’s Ben-Hur

The Director
Who Disowned
the Movie

Stuart Urban Remembers Working on Caligula

The Posters

You Know More
Than We Do

Alan King’s TV Special on Caligula

The Cast and Crew

Every Screening and Booking We Have Learned About

Bob Guccione’s Flirtation with Nuclear Fusion

Incredibly Difficult Translations That Gave Us Mountains of Migraines

Oodles and Oodles of Caligulas

The Real Caligula Gaius

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